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Nigel Andison, CIM, CFP | Investment Counsellor

At Pathfinder, managing retirement and investment portfolios is very personal! We are extremely proud and appreciative of the 450+ households that trust us with management of investments and financial affairs and we have come to know many of them as close friends. We would like to thank our client base for their continued support. This year, we have received over 50 referrals to friends and family interested in Pathfinder as an option to help manage their financial planning and investments. A number of those referrals are children of clients and with that, naturally comes wealth transfer considerations.

The transfer of wealth to the next generation is inevitable, but often a stressful and unpleasant part of everybody’s financial lives. As our client base has grown and aged, we find ourselves dealing more and more with this transition. It is important to bring up to our readers how some very basic planning and forward thinking can usually save a great deal of stress, anxiety, work, and TAX. All it takes is arranging a discussion and putting in some thought as to how you want your assets to pass on to your spouse, the next generation or maybe a charity.

Often, we find that the baby boom generation can be rather reluctant to discuss money with their family and this often leads to expensive tax consequences that can be easily avoided by simply sitting down and doing some simple planning. Sometimes the message we get is “well I’m going to be dead so my kids can figure it out… I’m just going to give everything evenly to them”.

  • What are you leaving them? What is the cost base (what you purchased the asset for) vs. the current market value?
    • There could be capital gains tax associated with some of these assets (investment/vacation property, non-registered investments that were purchased a long ago and are now worth significantly more)?
    • Does your estate or do your kids have the funds to pay the capital gains tax without liquidating the property/investments?
    • Do your beneficiaries have enough financial savvy to properly manage their inherited wealth?
  • Are your children competent and responsible enough and is their family situation to your liking to inherit your assets?
  • Are you holding investments/property/cash that is going to be subject to probate in its current structure?

 “This means that” people often procrastinate on addressing this and feel they don’t know the right questions to ask. That’s our job. We will help pose questions for you to address and guide you through the process of properly structuring your estate to your wishes. If you have a family lawyer, we are keen to collaborate or introduce you to a trusted professional. Make it a priority.

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