Partners' Fund Quarterly Report

Rob Ballard, CFA | Portfolio Manager

June 30, 2018

The Partners’ Fund invests in high-torque, early-stage companies that have the potential to generate superior returns.

Recap & Outlook

The Partner’s Fund delivered a net return of -4.5% in the first half of 2018.  This compares to the TSX Venture Exchange which returned -13.0%.  Our annualized 5-year return is 25.6% compared to the TSX Venture Exchange’s return of -3.4% per year over the same period.  The table below provides a performance summary:

During the second quarter, the Venture Exchange continued to decline as the hangover from blockchain and cryptocurrencies bled into other sectors and dampened enthusiasm for risk assets across the board.  Towards the end of the quarter, trade war fears weighed on commodity prices.

While it is unpleasant to have negative performance and volatility, this is a necessary element in our process for long-term outperformance.  First, we can trade around our core positions when stock price movements don’t match fundamentals.  Second, to illustrate a hypothetical example, in a market sell-off we can sell positions that are down 10% to buy positions that are down 50%.  This is hugely valuable to long-term performance but ugly in the short-term.

Notable positive contributors for the quarter were Currency Exchange International Inc (TSX:CXI), H-Source Holdings Ltd (TSXv:HSI) and Sigma Lithium Resources Inc (TSXv:SGMA).

Negative performers were Posera Ltd (TSX:PAY), Avivagen Inc (TSXv:VIV), and Nubeva Technologies Ltd (TSXv:NBVA).

We have a full pipeline of ideas which are competing for inclusion in the portfolio.  In addition, several of our investee companies are executing on their business plans, hitting milestones, and adding value, making a persuasive case for upgrades from starter, to core, to flagship status.  To fund these new ideas and additions to current holdings, we must sell our holdings with the least potential.  This Darwinian process continuously strengthens our portfolio.  The extreme run-up in venture stocks towards the end of 2017 and corresponding correction year-to-date has provided us with opportunities that we are taking advantage of.

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