Proper Diversification

Nigel Andison, CIM | Investment Counsellor

At Pathfinder, we feel that there are three ways a person should manage their investment portfolio:

  1. Do it yourself actively – research companies and invest in them directly on your own;
  2. Do it yourself passively – buy Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) that mimic the stock market or a certain sector and hold on to them for the long term, ignoring short term market fluctuations; or
  3. Hire a money manager – preferably one that is equally invested, builds a concentrated portfolio and takes a real investment stance, not over-diversifying your portfolio (why would you pay somebody to do what you can do in #2 above for essentially free?)

As we discussed last week, we have recently seen several portfolios invested at large mutual fund institutions, where the client is invested in over 20 different mutual funds and ETF’s, spanning across every investible asset class and geography across the world. Many of the mutual funds owned the exact same stocks within multiple funds. While we feel this is not ideal, it is an approach we feel falls into the #2 category above. However, the clients were paying double the fee as the funds were bought through a financial advisor and not directly on their own.

At Pathfinder, we build an investment portfolio by writing an investment policy statement together with the client. This investment policy is tied directly to the client’s financial plan, long term goals, or income needs. It dictates how much of the portfolio we need invested in fixed income or cash for short to medium term spending; how much of the portfolio we need in blue chip equities for both growth and dividend income generation; and how much of the portfolio we need invested in our growth focused Pathfinder funds. It is important to know that each of these portfolios or investment classes is completely different than the other, providing real diversification and communication between the people managing the money.

“This means that” we are encouraging anybody with a portfolio that is invested in a wide range of mutual funds to reach out and let us have a look at it.  We can offer a complimentary, no commitment forensic report, showing you what you own and how much you are paying for it. If it is properly diversified and performance is living up to standards, we will tell you to hang on to it. We feel this is most important during the current market condition. You may be over exposed to certain companies that are invested within all the mutual funds you own and you may not even know it. Remember Nortel??? Please reach out to Nigel Andison at 604-682-7312 ext. 230 if you have any questions or would like us to give you our no obligation opinion on your current holdings.

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