Recap & Outlook: 40 Meetings - 3 Days

Rob Ballard, CFA | Portfolio Manager & Gary Sidhu, MBA | Analyst & Mark Ouellette | Trader

This week, instead of our regular broad market discussion, we write about a follow-up to our Resource Fund due diligence process. Previously, we discussed how site visits aid our research process by allowing us to assess projects from a technical perspective. Equally important is to attend specialized mining conferences that give us exposure to a number of different exploration companies, top executives, and new deal flow. This ties into our overall strategy of meeting 500+ companies a year to filter down to the best companies in the market to have in our investment portfolio.

This year, we spent three days at the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit and met with 40+ companies of the 184 that attended. The aim of these conferences is to source out new investment opportunities in companies that are either private and going public or, companies that have been around for a number of years but have recently had a paradigm shift. Sourcing these types of deals and ensuring that we are investing early and recognizing these changes to business plan provides us a strategical advantage to capitalize on greater returns as compared to investing at a more mature phase (feasibility/development). This is illustrated in the diagram below which demonstrates the high torque offered by exploration stage projects during the discovery period.

  • Discovery & Speculation: Attending conferences and obtaining 1 on 1 meetings with top executives in the industry allows us to build strong relationships with serially successful management teams offering us the opportunity to invest alongside management for maximum upside and a better risk/reward ratio.
  • Paradigm Shifts: Continual meetings with companies allow us to track exploration success until an attractive entry point presents itself at which point, we can take advantage of our research to invest ahead of the market.
  • Trust in the Process: Of the 184 companies at the conference, we were able to narrow our opportunities to a few companies that fit our research criteria and provide us the high conviction required for investment.

“This means that.” Our process allows us to be proactive rather than reactive. By keeping an open dialogue with companies, continuously assessing their progress, and building relationships with management, we can invest in promising companies ahead of the curve that are flying under the radar but offer real value.

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