A Reason to Understand What You Invest In

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted financial markets around the world. Over the course of 2020, broad market indices across multiple asset classes dropped and, after central bank and government intervention, ultimately rebounded. Our research process identified actual businesses (as opposed to their stock prices!!) that were not as affected by the pandemic. In fact, some firms were able to “weather the storm” and even expanded their business. Other’s were just plain misjudged by the market, creating opportunities for astute investors. Below is a series of Investment Outlooks focusing on companies from each of Pathfinder’s mandates that exhibit these attributes:

DOWNLOAD PIO July 10, 2020: North American Equity: Stella Jones Inc

DOWNLOAD PIO July 3, 2020: Pathfinder Partners Fund: Microbix Biosystems Inc.

DOWNLOAD PIO June 26, 2020: Pathfinder Resource Fund: Gold Equities 

DOWNLOAD PIO June 19, 2020: Pathfinder Real Fund: Kinaxis Inc.

DOWNLOAD PIO June 12, 2020: Pathfinder International Fund: ASML Holding NV.

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