2018 Hedge Fund Award Winner

We would like to congratulate Doug Johnson, Rob Ballard and Mark Ouellette, the team that manages our Partners’ Fund at Pathfinder. They won the award for Alternative IQ “Best 5 Year Return” for all equity focused hedge funds in Canada. It is great to see success in our process and we believe there is more to come from all of their effort.

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Alternative IQ  11th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards Gala Dinner

Vancouver Housing Reports

Over the last three years we have written on Vancouver real estate and whether we think it is a good investment.  Report one (July 2015) addressed why we thought Vancouver real estate was expensive; report two (August 2016) addressed factors driving Vancouver real estate prices higher despite being expensive; and report three (September 2018) addressed changes that occurred in those factors.  The reports were well received and we include all three below:

DOWNLOAD Pathfinder Investment Outlook – Vancouver Housing Part III

DOWNLOAD Pathfinder Investment Outlook – Vancouver Housing Part II

DOWNLOAD Pathfinder Investment Outlook – Vancouver Housing Part I

Pathfinder Investment Outlook

With talk of trade wars dominating headlines over the past few weeks, we thought our clients and friends would appreciate our commentary on the matter. This piece was well received; therefore, we wanted to make it available for future reference.

Download PIO Volume 8 Edition 12 | June 22nd, 2018

Mike Sails with the Navy

Last month, Pathfinder’s President Michael Rudd, boarded a Canadian Navy frigate on a three-day excursion alongside military personnel for a leadership exchange program aptly called Canadian Leaders at Sea (CLaS). As great supporters of the Canadian Navy, we wanted to highlight this fortunate experience which we shared in Volume 6 Edition 38 of the Pathfinder Investment Outlook.

DOWNLOAD Pathfinder Investment Outlook | October 28th, 2016

Vancouver Housing Report

In early August of this year, we sent out our latest report on Vancouver Real Estate. Our report focused on the issue of potential money laundering and fraud. Since we released our report there have been multiple articles highlighting the same issue which we also include below.

Vancouver Sun  Non-compliance with BC Real Estate Firms | November 17, 2016 

BNN                      CRA  Investigates Tax Evasion In Real Estate | September 13, 2016

Globe and Mail  Vancouver Real Estate Speculators | September 12, 2016

Globe and Mail  Seizures of Undeclared Cash at YVR | September 9, 2016

Vancouver Sun  Chinese Legal Cases Targeting BC Property | September 9, 2016

DOWNLOAD     Pathfinder Investment Outlook | August 5, 2016

Pathfinder Advisory Board

 Pathfinder is honoured to announce the formation of an Advisory Board and the appointment of three distinguished members.

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Regulators Investigate “Closet Indexers” of the Mutual Fund Industry

The term “active management” is commonly touted  in marketing materials for mutual funds. We read a recent article commenting on the launch of an investigation by regulators to determine the truth behind the claims, so we decided to shed some light on this.

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Pathfinder Investment Outlook

Chinese/English Version

The Pathfinder Investment Outlook is translated into Mandarin.

Download Pathfinder Investment Outlook

Pathfinder Investment Outlook

With housing affordability attracting an increasing number of headlines over the past six months, we thought our clients and friends would appreciate our commentary about Vancouver real estate. This piece was well received; therefore, we wanted to make it available for future reference.

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How The Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates always has something interesting to say. We have learned a lot from him over the years and this video is “classic Dalio”. Doug Johnson, our founder, came across it and thought that we should share it with our investment team and clients. Anyone who is interested in the stock market should see it in our opinion. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


WIM Volume 4 Edition 36

One of our clients replied to this Weekly indicating it gave her a good understanding of how we manage the portfolios.

Download WIM Volume 4 Edition 36