About Pathfinder

Pathfinder Asset Management Limited was formed in 2010, evolving from a family office which began 30 years ago. Since the beginning, our focus has been the stewardship of investment portfolios for high-net-worth investors seeking strong performance and risk-managed results.

We believe that we have created a better platform for money management. Our inception as a family office led to the creation of our Equally Invested™ culture, mandating everyone at Pathfinder invests in our own funds. This provides clients with straightforward accountability, an unparalleled sense of trust and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Our uniquely managed funds, fee transparency and exceptional personal service, allows our clients to maximize performance, focus on long-term objectives and have a better understanding of where their money is invested and why.


Canfund Ventures Corporation was started as the primary operating entity for managing the Johnson Family Office. Canfund created various private and public firms in Canada and Asia, which led to multiple portfolio exits that fully established an asset baseline. With a focus on research, Canfund developed into a complete investment and operations team led by Doug Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and Michael Rudd, CFA, who served as Analyst from 1995 through 1999.

Mark Ouellette joins as Trader, bringing 25 years of floor and electronic trading experience to the firm.

Canfund purchases minority interest in Intrynsyc Capital Corporation allowing the family office to enhance independent due diligence and custom structure portfolio investment opportunities.

Pathfinder Asset Management Limited is founded by Doug Johnson. Ken Bancroft, CFA (previous CIO, Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund), joins as President. Pathfinder’s first fund (Partners’ Fund) created at year-end.

Michael Rudd, CFA, joins Pathfinder as Portfolio Manager, Core Equity. Pathfinder has less than 10 clients.

Nigel Andison joins Pathfinder to spearhead client service and business development. Rob Ballard joins as Analyst to work with Doug Johnson on the Partners’ Fund.

Christian Anthony, CFA, joins as Associate Portfolio Manager responsible for managing Pathfinder’s second fund: Partners’ Real Return Plus Fund. Michael Rudd, CFA, promoted to President and Ken Bancroft, CFA, moves to Chairman. Fang Zhou joins as Associate Analyst.

Pathfinder purchases minority ownership in Intrynsyc Capital Corporation from Canfund and expands operating relationship. Rob Ballard became registered as an Associate Advising Representative and promoted to Associate Portfolio Manager responsible for Partners’ Fund. Pathfinder’s third fund, Partners’ Core Plus Fund is created to be managed by Michael Rudd, CFA. Pathfinder now serves just over 100 client households.


The Pathfinder team continues to develop and build out its knowledge. Christian Anthony, CFA is promoted to Portfolio Manager and is now registered as an Advising Representative. Rob Ballard is awarded the CFA charter and Fang Zhou is promoted to Analyst. After achieving the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation, Nigel Andison became registered as an Associate Advising Representative and is promoted to Investment Counselor.


Union Gospel

An urban relief organization based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with eight satellite locations throughout Metro Vancouver and the City of Mission. Pathfinder team members regularly help with kitchen duty and our founder assisted with the construction of the new facility on East Hastings.


Orfund uses its network of business contacts and individuals in Canada and elsewhere to contribute directly to on-the-ground programs that immediately benefit orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa.

Partners’ Foundation

Administered by the Pathfinder team, The Partners’ Foundation donates to a variety of other worthwhile charities and community service organizations.

Corporate Partners

Intrynsyc Capital Corporation

Intrynsyc Capital Corporation (est. 2009) is an exempt market dealer that provides investment banking services and advisory services to growth-stage companies. Pathfinder became a shareholder of Intrynsyc at the end of 2013 so that we could benefit from working more closely with each other. Pathfinder’s Partners’ Fund team regularly searches for new portfolio companies and our partnership with Intrynsyc significantly enhances deal sourcing, due diligence processes, and financing capabilities.

North Star

North Star Compliance and Regulatory Solutions Inc. is a regulatory consulting firm that was established in 2011 and brings over 30 years of experience in research, investigation, and regulation of financial firms. Pathfinder works closely with North Star to ensure that operational risk and compliance are addressed at every level. This allows Pathfinder’s investment team to focus on our core competencies: managing money and working with clients.

& Associates

Fehr & Associates has been a registered CGA accounting practice since 2010. Their corporate clients range from small to mid-sized companies.  They also provide personal tax/accounting services for the business owners. Pathfinder works closely with Fehr & Associates on special project, operational and management consulting basis. This allows the investment team to focus on our core competencies: managing money and working with clients.