Due Diligence

We believe that an important part of the investment management process is visiting the companies that we own and meeting with management. At Pathfinder, collectively our Investment Team does this with more than 500 companies a year… in their offices, in our offices, on site and at investor conferences. We believe that “getting out and seeing” for ourselves is a critical component in building a portfolio.

When we meet with one of our portfolio companies, we discuss the results of the interviews, plant, site and/or office tours during our Investment Committee each week. We also write about those meetings in the Pathfinder Investment Outlook, which our clients receive regularly. Please see below for some of the more interesting excerpts of this work:

DOWNLOAD PIO Oct 11, 2019: China Trip Part I

DOWNLOAD PIO Sept 13, 2019: Ecuador Site Visit Adventus Mining Co.

DOWNLOAD PIO Aug 19, 2016: Microsoft Corp. 

DOWNLOAD PIO Nov 25, 2016 Outlook: Wells Fargo & Co. & Manulife Financial Corp.


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