Pathfinder is proud to offer Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) investment accounts to the SFS community.

Pathfinder is a money manager that works directly with high-net worth clients, primarily in Western Canada. We manage many different types of accounts for families, endowment funds and charities. One type of account that is popular with our clients who have young children is a Registered Education Savings Plan. This is a type of account where the BC and Canadian governments match contributions made by the parents to the plan. The investments then grow tax free until the child goes to post-secondary education. At that point, they are then able to withdraw the money for tuition and living expenses. Starting now, when our kids are young, is the best way to build financial support for our children’s educational needs in the future.

Money managers usually have a minimum amount of assets that a family must have before they are willing to work with a client. In our opinion, this means that there are many families in Canada that do not receive proper investment advice. As part of our relationship with Supra, there will be no minimum for members of the SFS community to work with Pathfinder. We only ask that you are serious about building educational support for your child. It is import to me that all our boys and girls develop into strong young men and women. I personally believe that a balance between both sport and education gives them the best chance. You already have a wonderful opportunity for sport with what Justin, Yaw, Roberto, Slavenko, Sue, Adam and Rick have built. If I can help with a small part of the education piece, then I want to do so.

  • You can learn more about the government RESP program here
  • Feel free to browse through our website to learn more about Pathfinder here
  • If you feel more comfortable you can contact me directly here
  • Or If you would like to get the process going right away, please follow our apply now link here and tell us about yourself. One of the members of Pathfinder’s team will get back to you right away.

It is not a lot of effort to set one of these plans up – a few signatures and one meeting in our office. We are happy to help when you are ready.

Yours Truly,

Michael Rudd, CFA
President, CEO and Portfolio Manager
Pathfinder Asset Management